Preventing hospitality fraud

Hotels and timeshare resorts share a common problem — preventing fraudsters from using digital technologies to access and raid legitimate customer accounts. The very features that make digital reservations, check-in, and room access so appealing and convenient to Millennials and other early adopters make them fraud-prone if not accompanied by the proper controls and protections. […]

Harbor Hill Timeshare, sold and set for repurposing

Alex Krakovsky, Managing Member – Lemonjuice Capital, LLC, joins Shep Altshuler in a discussion about his successful efforts to protect the interests of the timeshare owners from an ill-conceived Chapter 7 settlement.

Apple Valley Timeshare Auction Set For Sept 14

HOWARD, Ohio, Aug. 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Apple Valley Resort, a favorite destination for families for decades, will be sold at Auction Friday September 14 at 428 Clubhouse Drive in Howard, OH. The auction is being conducted by Williams & Williams, a Tulsa-based real estate auction firm. Online bidding will be offered during the live event through its affiliate The Central Ohio property, […]

Manage your resort’s digital footprint

  Think of your resort’s website as a “dating site,” urged Gary Prado, RedWeek‘s vice president-business development. To be effective, it must have up-to-date technology and fresh information, including inventory available and bookable in real time. Everything should be searchable. Search engines can’t read pdfs (portable document files), so don’t use them. To improve your […]

Doing the reserves right

A timeshare resort’s reserve fund consists of money set aside over a period of years for refurbishment, repair, or replacement of major building components and systems at pre-determined intervals (or sooner, if a disaster or catastrophic failure intervenes). Gary Porter, chief executive officer of reserve-study preparation firm Facilities Advisors International, LLC (FAI), explained that a […]

Tax cuts and owners’ associations

By Lena Combs In December of 2017, the President signed into law the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which provided sweeping tax changes for the first time in 30 years. In more than 500 pages, the legislation contains numerous changes, some perceived as favorable and some unfavorable. In all of those pages, however, very little […]

Is your resort gearing up for the future?

Meet Leo and Cleo!  

Plan now for 2018 resort insurance

By Scott McGinness Thanks to Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, timeshare resorts and businesses in general should prepare now for increased property-insurance premiums, and perhaps diminished availability of coverage in 2018. This is true particularly for resorts in coastal areas. Getting an early start on the insurance renewal, perhaps 120 days in advance of the […]

What You Should Know About Your Reserve Study

By Gary Porter The reserve study is the budget tool used to determine the reserve portion of your annual maintenance fees. Reserve assessments generally represent 15 to 25 percent of the total maintenance fee. No rule of thumb is available to guide you as to what that amount should be. Every resort is different, so […]

Exchange Company Services

By George Leposky, Editor TimeSharing Today Timeshare exchange companies have expanded their services far beyond their traditional exchange function, adding new solutions to help developers and owners’ associations with other aspects of resort operations. These include methods to increase occupancy through rental and other on-site revenue streams, and alternative financing arrangements to pay for long-deferred […]