Timeshare Board Members Association Announces Orlando 2020 Conference, May 17-19, 2020


Board Members and onsite Resort Managers are invited to attend for free.

The TBMA Orlando 2020 Conference, May 17-19, 2020, will mark the 18th conference and TBMA’s leadership position in providing dynamic, interactive forums for education, resources, solutions, and networking for timeshare Board Members, Resort Managers, and vacation ownership industry professionals.

Timeshare Owners’ Association Board Members and On-site Resort Manager will participate in over 20 educational sessions, and network with industry professionals who support the Associations’ mission to provide education to the conference attendees to help with planning for the future of their resorts.

The spring Conference will address many of the key issues facing timeshare resorts with an interactive agenda featuring topics including:

  • Being a Local Market Disrupter – Economic Impacts, Demand Generator Relationships, and Managing Your Resort’s Brand
  • Defining and Evaluating Owner & Guest Engagement
  • Why Update Your Governing Documents?
  • Implementing Money-Making Sales & Rental Strategies – Trust Conversions, Limited Term Products, Transient Rentals & Other Guests
  • The Front Line: Managing & Motivating Your Team
  • Funding Operations – RFP’s, Reserve Studies & Banking Relationships
  • Insuring Against Losses – Workplace – Disasters – Active Shooters
  • Maximize Market Appeal: Property Improvement Planning
  • When It’s Time to Repurpose – Wholly-Owned Condominiums & Hybrid Solutions
  • Following ABC Policies – Collections, Foreclosures & Title Insurance
  • The Impact of Outside Influencers – Airbnb, Exit Companies, & Scams
  • Technology for a New Decade
  • ADA – Embracing Travelers with Disabilities
  • Legislative Update
  • Vacation and Travel Club Revenue Streams

The Orlando 2020 Conference and TBMA membership are free of charge to Timeshare Board Members and onsite Resort Managers because of the generous financial support of its corporate sponsors.

TBMA is a non-profit corporation and the leader in providing timeshare HOA Board Member and on-site Resort Management education and networking, proudly serving a growing base of participating members and providing opportunities for members and industry professionals to connect. TBMA also partners with TimeSharing Today magazine to publish resort governance and management articles which help educate its membership.

Since its inception in 2011, TBMA recognized that older timeshare legacy resorts were facing common challenges associated with aging properties and owners. At the same time, many of these resorts are located in prime locations. They offer benefits of condo-style accommodations that include kitchens. The timeshare industry has been facing a significant amount of bad press because of a lack of a strong resale market and a viable exit strategy for owners who no longer can afford the cost of ownership or are unable to travel.

TBMA is helping participating resorts to deal with those challenges and many have adopted deed-back programs for owners, shorter term right-to-use products, technology solutions for efficient communications and operations, and strategies for generating rental revenues of association-owned inventory. In some cases, resorts have determined that they need to proceed with repurposing to other uses such as wholly owned condominiums or hybrid hotel/timeshare properties.

Proactive TBMA attendees find that after attending each conference, they are better prepared to prioritize their efforts and implement changes for the benefit of their resorts and owners.
For more information about TBMA, attending the TBMA Orlando 2020 Conference and corporate sponsorships, email staff@tbmassoc.org or visit tbmassoc.org.