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TBMA 2020 Webinar Conversations Series

You’re invited to join us for a series of dynamic & interactive webinars with our timeshare industry professionals, board member, and resort manager panelists, along with host & moderator Shep Altshuler, president/publisher of TBMA/TimeSharing Today.

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TBMA Webinar Conversations Series:  

4/30/20 Resort Manager Workshop:  Reopening Challenges & Ideas – Cindy Thomas/ Stoneridge Resort, Paula DiPaola/Magic Tree Resort

6/4/20 Resort Challenges & Opportunities – Shep Altshuler/TBMA/Timesharing Today

6/11/20 Managing Resort Reopening Plans – Paul Carney/VRI America, Alex Chamblin/Capital Vacations

6/17/20 Funding Operations – Reserves and Banking – Gary Porter/Facilities Advisors International and Stacy Dyer/Alliance Association Bank

6/25/20 Board Member Workshop – Evolving Issues During the Current Crisis –  Bob Kaplan and Joel Gaertner/ The Rushes and Jay Bagwell/The Sandpiper

6/25/20 Resort Manager Workshop – Evolving Issues During the Current Crisis – Paula DiPaola/Magic Tree Resort and Cindy Thomas/Stoneridge Resort

7/9/20 Legal Considerations: Opening and Operating Legacy Timeshare Resorts During the Current Crisis –  John Funk/Gallagher, Callahan & Gartrell, P.C. and Joel McTague/Frank, Weinberg & Black, P.L

7/16/20 Trends in Timeshare Sales –  Joe Takacs/TheMVPService and Lee Johnson/Premier Resorts Group 

7/23/20 Optimizing Resort Operations for Safety and Success – Kevin Maciulewicz/Wyndham Destinations and Dave Smith/Grand Pacific Resorts

7/30/20 Management Insights – Jay Anderson/Grand Pacific Resorts, Paul Carney/VRI Americas, Dennis DiTinno/Liberte’ Management, Peter Gianini/Wyndham Destinations, and Ken McKelvey/ Capital Vacations

8/6/20 Insurance Risks and Solutions – Chad Dorsey/Brown & Brown and Scott McGinness/Gregory & Appel

8/13/20 Resort Technology for the Current Crisis and Beyond Bob Ackerman/Rental Network Software and Nate Strauss/Resort Data Processing

8/20/20 Resort Viability – Scott MacGregor/Lemonjuice Solutions  and Incremental Revenue and Owner Engagement Solutions – Tim McLaughlin/RCI

8/27/20 Resort Operations: Cash Preservation and Generation – A Strategic Approach  Jay Anderson/Grand Pacific Resorts

9/10/20 Navigating the Coronavirus Crisis: Solutions for Owners – Neil Kolton/Interval International

10/15/20 Educating and Engaging Timeshare Owners: Best Practices – Chauncey Schwendeman/Interval International

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Best wishes for your health and safety.

Shep Altshuler, President

Sharon Newman, Program Coordinator

Important Notice: Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, all TBMA onsite conferences are postponed until further notice.