What it means to Vacation Well at Grand Pacific Resorts


by Nigel Lobo RRP, Chief Operating Officer, Grand Pacific Resorts

It was with a heavy heart that we temporarily closed the doors to our resorts earlier this year to ensure the health and safety of our Associates, Owners, and the greater community. During that time, we consulted with experts to prepare for our reopening.  We went all out to identify opportunities to further our cleanliness standards and rethink our Owner and Guest experience with social distancing and sanitation as the highest priority.

As we reopen our resorts and welcome our Owners and Guests back, they will notice the additional steps we have taken to ensure their safety and wellbeing.  We implemented a contactless check-in experience, procedures to sanitize high touch areas, social distancing signage, and continuously deep clean common areas. We have a lobby ambassador welcoming and informing everyone to participate in creating an enjoyable and safe experience with a pledge to Courteous Conduct.  This pledge includes wearing face coverings, maintaining safe distance and avoiding group gatherings. We have geared all of these efforts under our Vacation Well pledge to protect our valued Owners, Guests, and Associates.

Our Strengthened Commitment to Guest and Owner Care

  • Common Areas are Sanitized & Modified to Be Spacious
  • Rooms Sanitized & Sealed
  • Associate Readiness Health Screening
  • Guest and Owners Courteous Conduct
  • Flexible Cancellations for Owners & Guests

High traffic areas such as the pool, spa, and fitness centers are sanitized at the be­ginning and end of each day, with frequent scheduled mid-day cleanings. Furniture is positioned to maintain social distancing and all recreational equipment checked out from the front desk is disinfected after each use.

Guest rooms go through an enhanced cleaning regimen and a supervisor verifies sanitization. Our Housekeeping Associates have gone through an additional, comprehensive training and certification program on a 4-step cleaning process using hospital grade prod­ucts and state of the art electrostatic sprayers. All surfaces are disinfected, including the couches, chairs, beds, and pillows. Dishes and flatware are sealed in the dishwasher, where they have not been touched since the wash cycle ran. A seal sticker on the entry door indicates the room has passed inspection and not been entered since it was cleaned and sanitized.

Our goal is to minimize contact while still delivering exceptional, heartfelt service. An email and phone call prior to check-in provides detailed instructions ensuring that our Owners and Guests arrive well informed. Activities around the resort have always been a popular part of the vacation experience, so we now offer sanitized activities with appropriate social distancing. Housekeeping services are available for stays longer than 5 nights and are scheduled during a time that the room is unoccupied. We email a check-out folio and answer any questions via text or by calling the front desk.

As vacation destinations move through phases, we are encouraging our onsite Owners and Guests to support local businesses and take advantage of natural outdoor spaces. Together we can Vacation Well and ensure that our favorite vacation destination and our resorts are thriving for generations to come.

For more information visit GrandPacificResorts.com/vacation-well