Key indicators: Avoiding an unwanted shutdown

                Pictured above, left to right: Scott MacGregor and Joe Takacs Natural disasters, along with the current pandemic, have resulted in both the permanent and temporary closing of timeshare resorts. At times, however, timeshare resorts have permanently ceased operations for causes other than those that are “natural”. The […]

Effective strategies for owner engagement

During a recent TBMA Conversations Series Webinar, panelists Alex Chamblin, Capital Vacations’ senior vice president resort operations, and Paula DiPaola, board president at Magic Tree Resort in Kissimmee, FL, discussed owner engagement. Magic Tree Resort and the Sea Club IV in Daytona Beach, FL, managed by her husband, Michael, have similar programs and work closely […]

Understanding Trust Conversions and Onsite Sales

  During a TBMA Conversations Series Webinar on January 7, 2021, Shep Altshuler, TBMA president, moderated a discussion focused on the importance Trust Conversions have played within the Legacy Resort Community, and why timeshare HOA’s should include these conversions in their future planning to offer new products, and to revive their membership. Altshuler was joined […]

Proceeding with Cautious Optimism

          Pictured, from left to right, W. John Funk, Joel McTague, Robert Kaplan, Bob Ackerman With a COVID-19 vaccine on its way, HOA’s may see a shift in consumer confidence; timeshare boards will need to proceed with cautious optimism while continuing their commitment to safety protocols that make their resort a […]

Happy New Year from Orlando International Resort Club 

Your diligence in keeping Boards and Managers connected during this pandemic is greatly appreciated! Covid numbers keep escalating in the New Orleans area so we continue to try to minimize our risk exposure.  Please do the same. Thank you again for your perseverance with the webinars. Larry Baudoin Board President Orlando International Resort Club

Dealing with staff related issues during Covid-19

                  Pictured, from left to right, Pam Cordell, Andre Elkins, and Dave Smith.   In these uncertain times, HOAs must not only ensure the health and safety of their staff, but also address their staff’s personal challenges. During the December 10th  Timeshare Board Members Association (TBMA) Resort […]

Social Media Strategies for Your Resort

                        Pictured above, clockwise from top left: Alex Chamblin, Kathy Deigaard, Thomas Martin, and Cheri Schultz, In a recent TBMA webinar, panelists focused on Social Media Strategies for resorts. The panel was made up of: Alex Chamblin: Senior Vice President, Resort Operations, Capital Vacations […]

“A friend in need is a friend indeed”

In this trying year our exchange company RCI proved a dear friend to our staff and members. RCI came through generously and promptly, salvaging 2020 for numerous families. Time is the very essence of what we provide –  and what we did not have starting mid-March for what was then an indeterminate period.  We knew […]

Collection Strategies, Owner Retention, and Loyalty

The collections process for HOAs is a diligent one that is handled strategically and sometimes calls for legal consideration. During the 11/12 Timeshare Board Members Association (TBMA) webinar Collection Strategies, Owner Retention and Loyalty, panelists discussed their approaches to collections, viable options, and timeshare owner loyalty. The TBMA panel included Kelly Brady-Snyder, Sr. Director of […]

Legal policy playbook for the future

A timeshare resort’s board of directors has a fiduciary responsibility to protect the resort’s assets. This is especially crucial during a crisis. No matter how many contingencies have been planned for, the board must also be flexible to respond quickly to unexpected events. During a recent Timeshare Board Members Association webinar, panelists offered their insights […]