A broad spectrum

By George Leposky Legacy resort board members and managers shared their properties’ reopening status during a Timeshare Board Members Association webinar on June 4, 2020. They described a broad spectrum of owner and guest activity—from totally closed to practically full. The webinar enabled participants from across the U.S. to compare notes and discuss best practices. […]

Opened Resorts

Oyster Pointe & Oyster Bay Resort, Sebastian, FL By Jim Della Volpe, board vice president We did not shut down operations, but no new guests were allowed to come once the governor announced the stay-in-place order. All rentals stopped then, in the first week of April. Owners in residence were allowed to stay. Pam Morgan, […]

Keeping the Lights On – Thrive vs. Survive

Whistler Vacation Club at Twin Peaks, Whistler BC Canada By Marlene Coleman     For most resorts, hotels and nightly rental properties, the announcement of a global pandemic with severe travel restrictions struck a deep cord of fear, anxiety and uncertainty.  Shutting buildings down and laying off staff seemed the appropriate action for the large […]

Keep Your Guest Rooms Safe & Clean

By Mary A. Brown As interior designers, it is our duty to protect and enhance the health, safety, and welfare of the public. It is our goal to ensure that guests are confident and comfortable in returning back to your properties. Together, we can achieve this with specifying some of the following products. One of […]

Preserving your inventory – a perishable commodity

By Tim McLaughlin  Inventory is like the seat on the plane – a perishable commodity. If it goes up empty, there is no recovering that revenue!  Making informed decisions using available data will maximize your opportunity to drive revenue and owner satisfaction. Management must balance costs, wear and tear, housekeeping labor, the competitive set and […]

Preparing to Reopen

By Alex S. Chamblin, Jr.   Reopening your resort largely depends on state and local ordinances implemented to restrict the full operation of non-essential businesses during COVID-19, so a resort’s open dates should be aligned with the lifting of state and local restrictions. To ensure proper preparation of the resort for your visitors, aim for […]

COVID-19: The most dangerous disrupter in our lifetime

By Shep Altshuler While the COVID-19 situation is dire, we must continue taking a forward-looking approach. In every war or natural disaster, a key element for overcoming challenges has been communication. In the past, families gathered near their radios, and later TVs, to hear inspiring leaders such as Franklin D. Roosevelt (“We have nothing to […]

How we spent our splendid isolation

  By Tim Nolan   Our resorts—Las Olas Beach Club in Satellite Beach, FL, and Las Olas Beach Club of Cocoa Beach in Cocoa Beach, FL—have been closed to arrivals since March 28. We hope to open May 16. We are waiting for officials to issue guidelines that will give our staff and guests confidence. […]

Resort managers improvise and plan to reopen

(May 1, 2020) The Timeshare Board Members Association invited managers of legacy resorts to a conference call on April 30 to discuss their resorts’ operations during the COVID-19 shutdown, and their plans to reopen as the pandemic recedes.  Twenty-eight participants attended. Paula DiPaola, board president and manager of Magic Tree Resort in Kissimmee, FL, and […]

Furlough vs layoff

What’s the difference between a furlough and a layoff? According to Dictionary.com, https://www.dictionary.com/e/furlough-vs-layoff/a furlough is a temporary leave of absence from work imposed by an employer. Furloughed workers typically aren’t paid but keep employment benefits such as health insurance, so technically they remain employees. Layoffs are when an employer dismisses employees.  Employers often decide to […]